Launch With Words

Launch With Words


In an ideal world, developers pair with professional copywriters. If budget allows, this creates the best experience for the launch and for payment. Unfortunately, many times the client writes the words (or you’re waiting for it). That’s frustrating.

At same time, we know clients should use their sites. This gives them an appreciation of the tool you just built. A client who appreciates the site, uses it. And the cycle repeats.

The goal of this plugin is for the client to understand the site’s intrinsic value, publish once a month, and generate leads.

You’ve worked hard to launch their site with words, so why not continue that habit?

Launch with Words installs a year’s worth of blog post prompts — as drafts — to encourage and guide your client (or yourself) in blogging best practices. Just say no to lorem ipsum and other placeholder text. Why install databases you just have to delete later?

These prompts are based upon Bridget Willard’s ebook, “If You Don’t Mind Your Business, Who Will?”

Features and Tips

  • Download a free starter Content Pack for Launch With Words
  • Encourage your clients to publish monthly.
  • Compatible with the WordPress Block Editor.
  • No need for placeholder blog posts.
  • The best websites are ones your client uses.

Install the plugin. Activate it. Import a content pack. Deactivate the plugin. Delete.

If you have a feature request, please add a GitHub issue. Thank you!

We would love it if you would take the time to Rate the Plugin. Please and thank you.

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