Ever Compare – Products Compare Plugin for WooCommerce

Ever Compare – Products Compare Plugin for WooCommerce


In your online shop, helping customers make prompt and easy buying decisions is vital to obtain customer satisfaction. The idea of product comparison in e-commerce sites has become widespread since the product comparison feature is helpful for the buyers while comparing between different items with various attributes, such as quality, price, weight, color, size, etc., and making a final buying decision.

If you want to integrate outstanding and modern product comparing features on your WooCommerce site, the Ever Compare Plugin will be a powerful and handy tool to get started.

All the essential settings of a standard Product Comparison Plugin are available here. You can choose a Compare Page for the Compare Table and also choose the fields to be shown in the table. Besides, there are various button settings, such as Compare Button Text, Compare Added Button Text, etc. Furthermore, there are options to show the compare button both in the product list and single product page and enable or disable Open Popup.

Finally, this impressive product comparison plugin is fully user-friendly, well-documented, and entirely responsive. Try Ever Compare Plugin to compare between different products on your web page like a pro!

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