Country State City Dynamic Dropdown for WPForms

Country State City Dynamic Dropdown for WPForms


Country State City dynamic Dropdown for WPForms plugin is an add-on of WPForms plugin to show country, state and city dropdown. This plugin add three new form fields that is (form-tag: country dropdown) and (form-tag: state dropdown) and (form-tag: city dropdown) in WPForms.

Country State City dynamic dropdown for Contact Form 7 is also available.

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This helps you in creating a country drop-down list with state and city. The tag field will automatically add countries name in standard drop-down field of WPForms. State and city auto populate according to selected country from country dropdown field.

How to add the fields in WPForms Lite
1.) Once you have installed, activated the Country State City Dropdown WPForms plugin.
2.) Edit or Add new form from wpforms menu and select country dropdown button from the list of buttons.

* WPForms must be active plugin.

Recommended Plugins

The following plugin is recommended :
* WPForms Lite by WPForms.

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