B Blocks – for creating awesome blocks

B Blocks – for creating awesome blocks


B Blocks is an innovative collection of blocks for the new WordPress Gutenberg block editor. It’s used for creating interactive blocks in your web page or posts.

B Blocks is powerful but lightweight. Work with any theme, just need WordPress Gutenberg editor.



  • Posts: Display posts in grid and masonry layouts. Define post number, categories, control margin, determine post excerpts, and do many more.

  • Slider: Design an image and content slider with change style slider indicators.

  • Section: Implement a section with a section heading and custom padding.

  • Section Heading: Section Heading with a heading, separator, and a description, show hide controls for separator and description.

  • Card: Design a card that includes image, heading, description heading, description, and footer with custom typography.

  • Mail To: Mail to your mail address with a single click, mail on Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo also default app.

  • Modal: By clicking a button return a popup modal with the header, footer, description, and close button in the header and footer.

  • Tabs: Display beautiful predesigned tabs. Design tabs with layouts.

  • Accordion: Place collapsible text contents on your site with Accordion. Setup items to reveal the hidden content tastefully.

  • Collapse: Show hide content by clicking a button. Setup items to reveal the hidden content tastefully.

  • Note: Display a note with title, separator, and description also custom typography.

  • Gif Image: Embed gif image to your posts and pages.

  • QR Code: Just input a URL then it will automatically show QR code.

  • Highlight Text: Highlight text with custom color.

  • Alert: Display alert with or without title also dismiss button.

  • Progress Bar: Present your skills, experiences, or the progress of an ongoing project using Progress Bar.

  • Spacer: Space between sections or blocks.

  • Selection: Text selection enabled disabled or auto in this block.

  • Divider: Divider between sections and blocks with custom color and style.

  • Go To Top: Go To Top link with custom text.

How to use

  • After installing you can see a block category called “B Blocks” in Gutenberg editor (by clicking + icon).
  • Add one or more blocks from there.
  • You can change block settings from the right side settings sidebar.
  • Enjoy!

  • For installation help click on Installation Tab


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Known Issues

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